Frequently Asked Questions

Why use The Car Brokers

What is a car broker?

A car broker is a buyer's agent, a person who acts on your behalf to find a vehicle and negotiate the best price. Unlike a salesperson who's job it is to sell to you, our job is to buy for you. We at The Car Brokers pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience, where you are in control and we will advise as much or as little as you require. Buying a car should be fun and we want to keep it that way.

Do I need a broker? 

Using a broker can save you time, money, and reduce the hassle of buying a car. On average Kiwis buy a new car every five to ten years, so it can help to have an expert on your team to help you understand the vehicles available, dealer operations, trends and negotiate a good deal.

How do I know The Car Brokers are looking out for my best interests?

As an independent broker, we don’t have any affiliations with dealers or ties with any manufacturers. We don’t mind which car you buy or who you buy it from. We’re all about getting the right car for you, at the best price.

Can The Car Brokers help me to purchase a used vehicle?

Yes, we can help you to purchase either new or used vehicles.

Pricing and Payment

Will The Car Brokers save me money?

Each customer and their needs are different, so it’s difficult to put a figure on how much you could save. Some customers have saved many thousands of dollars and others saved less. Market conditions may determine no discount on that vehicle, however we will certainly save you a whole lot of time and stress, which could be more valuable than a discount.

How do The Car Brokers get the best possible price on a vehicle? 

As industry experts we know the vehicle market, understand dealer operations, and how to negotiate. Dealers know that we get quotes from a number of dealerships, so they provide us with their best price.

When I get a price for my new vehicle what is included?

We will give you a complete drive away price including all costs.

Who do I pay for the car?

You pay the dealership or the private seller. It’s a purchase between you (the car buyer) and the vehicle seller, be it a dealership or private seller, we just facilitate the transaction.

How does it work?

Do you cover where I live?

Yes, we operate nationwide. If needed, we can arrange delivery of vehicles to (almost!) anywhere and will discuss any delivery cost with you prior to the purchase.

Where will my vehicle come from?

Ideally we want to find you a vehicle in your local area. However depending on the availability of the vehicle you’re looking for and how comfortable we are with the deal being offered we may extend the search nationwide. We may discuss importing a vehicle with you, and we can manage that process too.

Do I have to see a dealer?

No, If you can't get to the dealership to physically see and test drive the vehicle, then that's not a problem. We will do all the paperwork online and arrange the delivery of the vehicle to you.

Can I test drive the vehicle before I purchase it?

Yes of course! We highly recommend it. However in some cases this may not be possible as we may find the vehicle outside your region or from overseas. Ask your broker for assistance with this.

I have a car I wish to sell or trade. Can you help?

Yes. Part of negotiating the best price for your new vehicle, is negotiating the best price to trade your current vehicle. When we present you with the options for your new vehicle we will also include the trade-in price quoted by the dealerships. We can also find alternative ways of dispose of your current vehicle.

How long before I get my car?

How quickly you can start enjoying your new car can vary. If the vehicle is in stock locally and a cash transaction, you can get your new vehicle quickly. If it needs to be shipped across the country, or is financed it can take a little longer. If you are working to a deadline let us know from the start and we’ll let you know if it’s achievable.

Finance and Warranties

What if I would like to finance the vehicle?

If you need to finance the vehicle, we have access to the best rates in NZ and offer a range of financing solutions. We will help you get the best deal whichever way works out best for you.

If I purchase a new vehicle through The Car Brokers will my new car warranty be affected?

No! The Car Brokers will facilitate the purchase of your new vehicle, however the purchase documents including the warranty will be between you and the dealer.

Can you provide an extended warranty?

Yes! we can provide a number of extended warranties, ask your broker about the options. We highly recommend them when buying a used vehicle, in particular off a private seller, as they are not bound by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Rights and Responsibilities

What about my rights as a consumer?

The paperwork you sign is with the dealership so you have all the same legal rights, including the consumers guarantee act and the fair trading act. If buying off a private seller, the Consumer Guarantees Act is not applicable, hence we assist with ensuring you have a positive result by doing a number of checks on the vehicle and by offering an extended warranty.

Where does The Car Brokers responsibility start and finish?

Our responsibility begins as soon as you contact us. We’re committed to finding you the right vehicle at the best price and making your new vehicle purchase a positive experience. We care about our customers and once you’re enjoying your new vehicle we will contact you again to get your feedback on our service and how we can improve.