Case Study 1 - Immigrating

Armand was immigrating from Australia to New Zealand and was looking at sorting the vehicle out before he arrived. As immigrating is a massive undertaking with many things to manage, having the car sorted before you arrive means there is one less thing to do and if you can get someone else to do it for you then even better.

Armand was after a new SUV and after a little discussion we decided on a Kia Sportage. As a new car is a new car anywhere, we looked all over the country and thankfully the best deal we found came from Christchurch where Armand was flying into. We managed to negotiate $5000 off the price of the car, but for the added wow factor, we organised for the dealer to pickup Armand from the airport, they drove him to the dealership and unveiled his new car by flinging a satin drape off the car to present Armand with his new vehicle.

All the paperwork was completed, car paid for, insurance sorted all before he even arrived in the country. Armand, basically landed, got picked up and drove away in his new car to start his life in New Zealand.

Armand was so happy with the service he used us again to by a second car a few months later, this time a Holden SV6.

We have helped many people coming into the country as well as many locals, if you need a hand buying a car we can help you out too, Check us out at