Selling your car

Our clients use us because they want to get the best deal on their next car and, very often, they simply don’t enjoy the process of buying a new car – they like us doing the hard work for them.

But one thing worse than the hassle of buying a new car is the hassle of selling your old one.   That’s why a lot of people opt to simply trade-in their old car when they purchase their new car, even though they know they could probably get more by selling it themselves. 

If you do opt to sell your old car yourself, you are almost certainly going to list it on Trademe.  As I write this there are around 29,000 private listings, i.e. people selling a car themselves, on Trademe.

Those of you who have sold, or tried to sell a car on Trademe know:

·  There’s a cost.  You can choose different options, but for a medium visibility option it will cost you around $130 to list your car.

·  It depends on how you price your car, but it can take a long time to sell.

·  You may spend significant time organising potential buyers to view your vehicle, take them for test drives, or wait for them to simply not turn up or turn up late to view your vehicle.

·  That negotiating the sale price at the end of process (unless you sell your car via the Trademe auction process) can be unpleasant and, you may well get less than you originally wanted.

We understand why a lot of people don’t want to go to the hassle of selling their car privately! 

 There are other options to help get rid of your old car, as mentioned above, trade in your old car for your new car - you can leverage your old car price to get a better deal on the new one, but you need to be savvy as they could give you a good trade but no discount (think of the deal as a whole)

You can visit a local dealer who sells cars like your old car and seeing what they will give you for it (not usually a good price)

There are wholesalers who will give you cash for your car (again not great prices either)

Best bang for buck is selling it privately but that can be a pain in the butt but will give you the best money out of all the options.

We can help you determine the best vehicle for your specific needs and then find and negotiate the best deal for it.  We can help with extended warranties and loans and we can even assist in the sale of your old vehicle. 

Come visit us at - we’ll do the hard work and save you money.