Car Basics: Car Colour – Does it Impact on Resale Value?

The resale value of your car is of course dependent on a range of variables.  The model, condition and mileage will be the main influence of resale value, but colour is also one to consider.

Using 2017 data, silver (22%) is the most popular new car colour in New Zealand followed by white (19%), blue (14%), black (13%), grey (9%) and green (5%).   You can see that New Zealander’s choose conservative colours primarily. 

When you are buying a new car it’s sensible to at least think about the resale value impact of your colour choice.  Depending on the vehicle you are purchasing, it can have a big impact on how much it will be worth when you come to sell.

For most cars, conservative colours like silver are best when it comes to resale value.  This is because they have the widest appeal.    Metallic paint is often sought after by second-hand buyers so adds value at resale time, too.  Metallic cost sometimes costs a little more at the initial purchase time, but usually not very much.     

The exact influence of colour on resale value does vary by the type of car.

For small cars, more vibrant colours may work OK at resale time.  This is possibly because the small car proportions suit more vibrant paint colours and that they are more likely to be purchased by younger buyers’, who are more likely to favor such colours.

Sports cars are the other possible exception to the rule.  You are more likely to get away with a more vibrant colour at resale time. 

The safest option from a financial perspective though, even for small cars and sports cars, to improve the chances of good resale value, are the conservative colours like grey, silver, blue, black and white. 

Another general rule to be considered though is that for older cars, colour, while still a consideration for buyers, is less likely to impact on resale value as much, unless it is a very vibrant colour. 

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