Car Basics: Car Body Styles

Here at The Car Brokers we want to give you as much information as possible to help you with your next car purchase.  This post gives some basic information is about the different car body styles. 

The main types of car body styles are :


Hatchback:  A hatchback has a rear door that opens upwards and is hinged at the roof level.  This is a similar description to a station wagon – the difference is a station wagon has more luggage space as the rear door is hinged further back than a hatchback.  A common example of a hatchback is a Suzuki Swift.

Sedan: A sedan has 4 passenger doors and boot which is a separate compartment for luggage.  A common example of a sedan is a Toyota Camry. These cars can come in a several sizes, from large to small, which will effect boot size and leg room

Station Wagon: A station wagon has a rear door that opens upwards and is hinged at the roof level.  The passenger compartment will be the same as the sedan version of a vehicle.  A common example of a station wagon is a Toyota Corolla station wagon or Audi A4 advant

Coupe:  A coupe has 2 passenger doors and boot, which is a separate compartment for luggage.  A common example of a coupe is a Toyota 86.

Ute:  A Ute has a tray on the back.  They have traditionally been designed as a work vehicle but more recently have become popular family vehicles.  A common example of a ute is a Toyota Hilux. They can come as a flat deck, single cab, double cab and often can be seen with a canopy.

Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV):  SUV’s combine elements of road-going passenger cars but have a hatch or station wagon style lifting rear door and raised ground clearance.  It can fall into several subcategories too; Large SUV like a Mazda CX-9, Mid-sized SUV, like a Hyundai Tucson or Small SUV/Crossover like a Subaru XV, they often come in 5 and 7 seat varieties too.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) or Minivan:  An MPV is a van like vehicle which usually have 2 rows of rear seats and designed to carry 7- 8 people.  A common example of an MPV is a Honda Odyssey.

Convertible:  A convertible is a 2 door vehicle with a boot like a coupe, but with a retractable (or convertible) roof.  A common example of a convertible is a Mercedes-Benz C200 convertible or Mazda MX-5

Sports Car:  A sports car is generally 2 door car with either a boot or hatchback that is designed to be fast or look fast and is low to the ground.  A desirable example of a sports car is a Porsche 911.

With all versions of the car body styles described above, they all come in a variety of forms and budgets, with accessories, safety features, engine sizes, fuel types, colours, specs and even many variants of the same car. It can be an overwhelming to think about the options available, but that’s why we exist to help you see the wood from the trees.

We hope this helps give you a little more knowledge for your next car purchase.  Our blog How to choose the right car for you. — The Car Brokers might also be helpful for you – and remember – if you want to find the right car and the best deal on a new or used car, contact The Car Brokers