How to choose the right car for you.

People only buy cars every 3-5 years, so making head or tail of the industry, the options, the jargon, the trends, the methods and the technology can be very difficult. Here at The Car Brokers we want to help you get the best result for you and take the pain away from what should be a fun and exciting purchase. To help, we have created this guide to provide some impartial advice about the process, some truths about the industry and ultimately give you tools to make sure that you get what you need without regret or pain.


  1. Price

  2. Purpose

  3. Practicality

  4. Preferences

  5. Performance

If you can answer these 5 questions honestly, then you will narrow down your choices from thousands down to one or two types of vehicle that will suit your needs.

1. Price: Make sure you have your budget very precise. This it critical as a difference of a couple of thousand dollars could make a big difference to the quality of the vehicle you end up purchasing. Have 2 numbers in mind, the price you will settle for and the price that you could reach at a push to get the perfect car, a max and min if you will.

2. Purpose: Think about why your getting a new car, what are the reasons and what will it be used for. Is the car to be used for business, recreation, transporting kids, towing a boat, city driving, off-road use?

3. Practicality: Once you know what the car will be used for, think about what practical applications or purpose of the vehicle will be used for. Do you need a large boot? Do you need 4WD? Do you need a tow bar? Do you need 7 seats? This should be where you determine the body style of the vehicle your after.

4. Preferences: What other vehicle features are must-haves or just nice-to-haves. Create a list and see what the budget will allow and fits in with your purpose and practical components. These include: reversing camera, apple/android capability, additional safety features, leather seats, alloys, adaptive cruise control, etc

5. Performance: Is speed and performance more important than fuel economy? Do you want a full electric or hybrid vehicle, does the engine need to be a certain size, do you want petrol of diesel? and why?

If you don’t have the time or its all too hard we can help you with this. We at The Car Brokers, undertake the 5 P's with each of our clients, through our client profile. We do this to understand what is important to you and make sure we hit all your unique needs and requirements to save you time and money and get the right car for you.